How To Make Cannabis Oil-5 Easy Steps

Preparation and benefits of Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is an essential oil which is made from the leaves and buds of high-grade cannabis. The procedure for preparing the cannabis is a long one and it can take several hours to prepare a small quantity of cannabis oil. But it has a whole lot of advantages such as relieving the pain and inflammation, reducing the stress and anxiety etc. As the cannabis oil is very expensive, it can be prepared at home for medicinal uses such as for intake by cancer patients to relieve the severe pain and inflammation.

Let us look at the methods to prepare cannabis oil:

First, the whole of cannabis has to be placed in a bowl. The cannabis has to be dry.

Wash the cannabis with the solvent. If you have 1 pound of cannabis you need 2 gallons of solvent. The solvent can be isopropyl alcohol or ever-clear alcohol.

The next step is to lightly crush the cannabis in order to dissolve the THC and the cannabinoids into the solvent. The crushing has to be done for at least 1 or 2 minutes to get the extracts into the solvent.

Coffee filters and strainers can be used to strain the solvent oil mix from the cannabis material. At this stage, the solvent oil mix contains 80% of THC and cannabinoids.

The solvent has to be poured over the remaining cannabis material and crushed for 1 to 2 minutes to get the remaining extracts into the solvent. The solvent-oil mixture has to be strained to separate the solvent-oil from the cannabis material.

The cannabis oil-solvent mix has to be strained using a coffee filter or nylon cloth several times in order to remove all of the cannabis material from the solvent oil. This gives a high-quality solvent oil mix.

Here comes the real process of separating the solvent from the oil. In order to get the cannabis oil, the solvent has to be evaporated. The oil-solvent mix has to be boiled for several hours to get the resultant cannabis oil. The mix can be boiled over the electric stove or in a rice cooker. But you should be very careful while boiling the mix as it is flammable and it leaves fumes which can be dangerous. So before beginning the process of boiling, care should be taken to keep away all flammable things and see that the room is properly ventilated. A fan can be used for proper ventilation.

Pour the solvent-oil into the rice cooker so that it fills 3/4th of the rice cooker vessel. Now the rice cooker has to be set to high heat in order to boil the solvent oil mix. Once the solvent boils off keep adding the solvent oil mix, but be careful when adding the mix as the oil can splatter and always keep the level of the solvent-oil mix to 3/4th of the rice cooker.

Continue the process of boiling the solvent oil mix until an inch of the mix is left in the rice cooker. But care should be taken not to inhale the fumes and a mask should be worn. Care should be taken that the heat is not above 290 deg. F as it can vaporize the cannabinoids.

When you observe that all the solvent has evaporated from solvent oil mix, transfer the oil into a steel or glass container by using oven mitts. At this stage, the rice cooker will be hot and care should be taken to avoid burns on the hands.

The bowl containing the oil has to be placed on a low flame. It can be placed either on an electric stove with low heat or a candle warmer in order to remove the co2 from the oil. The oil has to be heated gently until the bubbles disappear and the surface of the oil becomes still.

The oil is ready for use and can be filled into the empty pills or syringes when it is still warm as the oil gets thick when it cools off.

When the oil cools off, the oil is dark brown in color and looks like grease. If it gets difficult to squeeze from the syringe, the syringe has to be kept in hot water for few minutes in order to soften the oil.

Always store the cannabis oil at room temperature and away from light and humidity to keep it fresh.

There are various health benefits from cannabis oil. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of cannabis oil:

Medicinal Applications

Cannabis oil is good for relieving stress and anxiety. The THC present in the cannabis oil reduces the stress and gives a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Cannabis oil is a good medicine for people who suffer from insomnia. As the oil relaxes the mind and relieves you from stress, you can enjoy a good night sleep.

Another important benefit of cannabis oil is that it induces the hunger and stimulates the digestive system. If you suffer from lack of hunger or some digestive problems, cannabis oil is a good medicine for you.

Cannabis oil is known for relieving pain and inflammation. Especially cancer patients who suffer from a lot of pain can use the cannabis oil in order to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Cannabis oil is good for the heart and improves the health of cardiovascular system. It is good in stimulating the antioxidants and removing the bad cholesterol which increases the efficiency of the heart.

Cannabis oil is good for skin as it can stimulate the shedding of dead skin. It can be applied externally to prevent wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging. This also protects the skin from eczema and psoriasis which are dangerous skin diseases.

People who suffer from migraines or severe headaches can apply the cannabis oil to get relief from the pain.


While cannabis oil has many health benefits it should be used carefully. Consult an expert in order to know the right dosage and the conditions to use the cannabis oil. Cannabis oil should be used only under the supervision of a doctor and should never be used with out any proper guidance.