Welcome to the Marijuana Dictionary. This book contains three chapters. Chapter one contains the shop. Chapter two contains the definitions of marijuana words dictionary. Chapter three contains the names of marijuana dictionary. This marijuana dictionary is a creative domain thanks to people like you. Everyone has personal meanings in their marijuana history.  Realize the dope terms dealing with cannabis culture.


Marijuana is a word that derives from Mexico. It replaced the word cannabis in many genre. Marijuana is a natural plant. Dried marijuana is smoked, vaporized or eaten. Marijuana stimulates the brain similar to consuming chocolate. Scientific research is revealing real medical qualities in marijuana.

About Marijuana Dictionary

Chapter one is the shop. Order any type of marijuana you can think of. We'll find your buds, extracts, edibles and seeds. Our unqiue ordering system ensures your privacy.

Chapter two is the dictionary of pot glossary. Marijuana terms are derived from our readership. Come on in to see the new additions. We're presently looking for dictionary editors.

Chapter three grows with thousands of Marijuana Names. The names of marijuana strains the brain's imagination. Enter the Names of Marijuana to discover new additions plus old history.

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